Introduction to casino en ligne Poker

Introduction to casino en ligne Poker
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Poker is perhaps the most popular and widely known card game. Though there is much debate about it’s origin, the most accepted theory is that poker is a direct descendant of the Persian game Вs Nas. The earliest direct reference to the game Poker shows it’s origins in New Orleans around 1830. By the mid 1830’s the popularity of Poker had spread from the Mississippi river to the east via the railroad.


Unlike most casino card games, poker is a game in which players play against each other, not against the house. What sets poker (and those who play it well) apart from other casino games are the elements of skill and psychology, which are essential in good poker players. Skill in poker is an amalgamation of several elements. Skills such as gauging the strength of your hand and that of your opponents, building up a pot, knowing what cards to play, knowing when to raise or call, and knowing when to fold and when to bluff, just to name a few. The element of psychology is equally as important as that of skill. Each player brings his or her emotions and baggage to a game being able to gauge your opponents strengths and weaknesses is essential to holding the upper hand. Keep in mind, a great poker player can win a game with an inferior hand, if they have the psychological skill to out-bluff their opponents!


To start, I’ll go over the very basics. Poker is played with a standard 52 card deck. The cards are ranked (from highest to lowest) ace, king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. As well as being the highest value, an ace can also be used as the lowest to complete a low straight (which I’ll get into in more detail later). There are four suits, spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. There is no value placed on any suit in particular. Some games have ‘wild cards’ such as a joker, which can take on whatever suit and rank their possessor wishes. Now I’ll go over the different hands in poker, starting with the highest:


Hand Description

Five of a kind A five of a kind is only possible when using wild cards, and is the highest possible hand in poker. Royal Flush A royal flush is the highest natural hand. It consists of an ace, king queen jack and 10 all of the same suit. Straight Flush A straight flush is five cards in sequence, all of the same suit Four of a Kind Four of a kind is quite simply, four cards of the same rank. Full House A full house consists of three of a kind and a pair. Flush A flush is five cards, all of the same suit. Straight Five cards in sequence. Three of a Kind Three cards of any rank, matched with two cards that are not a pair Two Pair Two cards of one rank, plus two of another. Pair Two cards of the same rank.


In the case that two hands are tied in rank, the following rules apply:


Should two players have straight flushes, flushes or straights, the highest card that is part of the hand determines the winning hand. If the highest card still results in a tie, the next highest card will determine the winner. If both players have a full house, the highest three of a kind determines the winner. If both players have three of a kind, the highest three of a kind determines the winner.


Poker casino en ligne starts with a shuffle and a cut of the deck. Then players ‘ante up’, or put money into the pot. Games are played with coloured poker chips that correspond to different denominations of money. The dealer is responsible for dealing each round. Now, the betting order is very important. The player who bets first is at a marked disadvantage as they reveal information about their hand (by their bet) but received no information from other players on their hands. Whomever bets last has the advantage of seeing how everyone else bets before deciding whether or not to play their hand. Usually the dealer deals clockwise, starting with the player to their immediate left.




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